May 2

on Friday, 28 April 2017.

May 2

Day 27 - the Holy Spirit reveals to the world

In your own words ask God to help you hear and understand what He’s saying through His Word, and give thanks for the Holy Spirit that is empowering you to walk with Him after this devotional is done. Then read these verses (out loud if you are able).


John 15:26-27 (NLT)

26 “But I will send you the Advocate—the Spirit of truth. He will come to you from the Father and will testify all about me. 27 And you must also testify about me because you have been with me from the beginning of my ministry.


We saw yesterday that part of the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in the world today is convicting people about their unbelief in Jesus. These verses from John 15 are part of the same conversation Jesus is having with His disciples about the Holy Spirit and what will happen when He returns to the Father and the Spirit comes.  


Jesus has sent us an Advocate in the Holy Spirit, and He is a Spirit of truth. The Spirit is sent by Jesus and comes to us from the Father. Again we see the distinct persons of the Holy Trinity in harmony and working as One God. 


The Spirit is testifying to all about Jesus! And He is not the only one who will do so. This has been clear throughout Jesus’ instruction to His disciples. We are being sent into the world. He has made us His witnesses, those called to make the good news of Jesus known to those around us as we go.


When we open our mouths to speak about Jesus, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit, who is God, is also at work making Jesus known! There is no greater advocate, helper, tool or communication device in the world. The message of the gospel is powerful to save, an all powerful God is at work revealing the truth of Jesus, and we get to be a part of it. We pray, we depend on the Spirit and we open our mouths, and people come alive. What an amazing grace that we get to be part of such a beautiful work. 


Is there any heart that God can’t change? What prevents you from speaking about Jesus to others? 


Thank the Spirit of God for being an Advocate and the Spirit of truth. Praise God for how He is at work revealing Jesus to the world. Ask God for boldness to speak the truth of Jesus the next time an opportunity comes to do so. Also ask God to remind you that His Spirit is at work revealing Christ even as you are sharing. Thank God for including you in His mission to redeem the world.