Christmas at MVC

on Thursday, 16 November 2017.

Christmas at MVC


This Christmas we are focusing on the theme of Joy, Great Joy for all the people like the Angel told the shepherds the night Jesus was born.   While life can be hard at times and joy can be hard to find the birth of Jesus gives us a basis of joy that is not based upon our current circumstances.  For many all they know is the birth of Jesus but there is a larger story that both preceded and follows the birth of Christ that not only can provide for us joy in the moment but a great joy as we anticipate the future! So on Christmas Eve Morning, Sunday the 24th, at 9:30AM we will be looking at the part of the Story that preceded Jesus birth that gives us a reason for joy at His birth.  That evening at 5:00PM we will look at the story of Jesus birth and feel the joy of it, then on the following Sunday  morning at 9:30AM we will be looking at the part of the Story that follows Jesus birth that gives us a future hope that is full of Joy!


Christmas Community Events:


From December 3rd through December 17th we will have a photobooth for your family! Photos will be taken after our morning gathering. You will be able to see, download and save your photos by visting our Facebook page, Moraine Valley Church. Creating memories is a beautful thing!



December 10th we will be decorating Christmas cookies and ornaments with our Splash Team! Join us with your kids after our morning gathering in our Atrium (Room 101 and 102), to get in the Christmas spirit! We will be decorating delicious sugar cookies and making different Christmas cards, ornaments and stockings.



December 17th we invite you to HeBrews Cafe for a special time of singing Christmas Carols with our MV Worship Team. We will have songs for all ages! You will also have an opportunity to sample drinks from HeBrews Cafe. We will be voting on our NEW January beverage. Taste, vote and come up with a creative name for the drink for a chance to win a free beverage of your choice from HeBrews Cafe!