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Fundamentals of Faith

This class is designed to take a deep dive into the tenets of our faith. Though designed for those who are newer in their relationship with the Lord, it will also be beneficial for those looking for a refresher. Topics which will be addressed are: salvation, the assurance thereof, Bible study methods and the power of prayer, among others. This class will be taught be Elder Rich Larson and will meet in room 104.


The Book of Galations

During the Reformation, the church in Germany carried many similarities to the church Paul established in Galatia. The letter Paul wrote in Galations is crucial to understanding the theology that was the basis for the Reformation. This September we will offer a Pathways Class looking through Paul’s letter to better understand the problems that church faced and how Paul instructed them to respond. This class is co-taught by Ed Sarna, Eric Bihl and Jeff Janulis and will meet in room 116.



Chapter twelve marks a turning point in the book. God had already chosen the family of Abraham to fulfill His plan of redemption. This second part of Genesis traces the chosen line for four generations - from the call of Abraham through the descent into Egypt. This class meets Sunday mornings at 11:15AM in room 117 and is led by Pastor Clem Bilhorn.



An inductive Bible study led by Pastor Mike Locke and Alex McNeill. This class is for our Jr. High and High School Students. This class meets in room 121 and is located off the gym.



What's Happening

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What's Happening

There are lots of things going on at MVC, and we don't want you to miss out! Stay connected throughout the week by following us on Facebook and Instagram. Check out what is happening this month by downloading our monthly "What's Happening" issue here!